Hanna Sender

Hanna Sender

I'm a visual journalist.

Sr Data Visuals Editor at IBTimes. I play with datasets, making maps, infographics and interactives. Other loves include Brooklyn, podcasts, iced americanos and feminism.

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Open uri20140423 15082 wj56zh article

Hollywood Movies With Strong Female Roles Make More Money

The biggest blockbusters of 2013 scored pretty well on the Bechdel Test, a measure of quality onscreen time for women—but even better at the box office...

Open uri20140423 15082 1mjikxx article

A Deep Web Guide to America’s Taste in Music

We dove into illegal download data and Twitter activity to take the musical pulse of 100 U.S. cities...

Open uri20140423 15082 jcj0cv article

Check, Please: New York City’s Filthiest Fine Dining

When it comes to heath-inspection grades, some Michelin-starred restaurants shine brighter than others...

Open uri20140423 15082 1th6hbr article

Fake Bake: It’s Getting Harder for Teens to Tan

A bunch of states are barring kids from tanning salons...

Open uri20140423 15082 1rotrou article

Meet the Oscar Babies: Tots Named for Celebs Who Win Academy Awards

There's about to be a whole lot more kids named Lupita. Vocativ crunches baby-name data to investigate how Oscar winners end up on birth certificates...

Open uri20140423 15082 16478cl article

Strong Female Roles Are (Almost) Nowhere to Be Found

A new study reveals that female characters in 2013's top-grossing movies often played roles inferior to their male peers...

Open uri20140423 15082 wlmuq7 article

Altered States: Where Will Marijuana Be Legal Next?

Colorado and Washington were just the first dominoes to fall in what will be a complete dismantling of America's pot laws...

Open uri20140423 15082 9kmijy article

Vitamins Are More Dangerous Than E-Cigs

When the robo-smokes aren't exploding in your face, that is...

Open uri20140423 15082 16cceac article

Creationism Bingo! Your Guide to Tonight’s Debate With Bill Nye

Vocativ's highly evolved creationism debate drinking game is a gift from God...

Open uri20140423 15082 15xe6y2 article

And the Golden Robe Goes to…

The real winners at the Golden Globes are decided on the red carpet, with the Twitterati doing the judging...

Open uri20140502 22473 16pj2xr article

Among a Million Tweets, Obamacare Is Born

Call it the "Twitter entitlement." Wherever you fall in the debate over Obamacare, one thing is playing out undisputedly today: The new health care law is the first major, government entitlement program whose birth pains are playing out over social media and the Internet. It's a far cry from the...

Open uri20140502 22473 1adf8yo article

Here’s How Close You Are to Getting Smashed by an Asteroid in 2014 #becausescience

Not very—but according to data published by NASA's Near Earth Object Program, 13 big suckers have been deemed as potentially hazardous in the coming year...

Open uri20140502 22473 rzxvcr article

The Livability Index: The 35 Best U.S. Cities For People 35 and Under

Our semi-exhaustive, mostly scientific guide to America’s most livable cities...

Open uri20140502 22473 q1j3nl article

Old TV Shows That Today’s Teens Like Most

We crunched the numbers to find out which hit TV shows from the '80s and '90s are resonating with the next generation...