Hanna Sender

Hanna Sender

I'm a visual journalist.

Sr Data Visuals Editor at IBTimes. I play with datasets, making maps, infographics and interactives. Other loves include Brooklyn, podcasts, iced americanos and feminism.

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Panamaroutes 01 article
International Business Times

Panama Canal Anniversary 2014: The World-Changing Economic Impact Of The Canal

The Panama Canal, which opened 100 years ago, shortened shipping times dramatically and transformed global trade routes forever....

Open uri20140506 31255 jgbuft article
International Business Times

Where In The World Could Nigeria's Boko Haram Sell 200 Kidnapped Girls Into Modern-Day Slavery?

Where In The World Could Nigeria's Boko Haram Sell ...

Open uri20140502 8720 127wqjr article
International Business Times

Rumored AT&T–DirecTV Merger Means More Competition

The competition between cable and content providers is creating new markets with an enormous customer base. (See graphic.)...

Stringio article
International Business Times

Hanna Sender | International Business Times

15 hours ago ... Articles by Hanna Sender. With AT&T And DirecTV Rumored To Merge, Competition Between Cable And Content Providers Heats Up. May 01 ......

Open uri20140502 8720 12owdel article
International Business Times

For US Banks In Russia It's Business As Usual, Almost

Wall Street Bank representatives are heading to Russia for a conference. It's not political, it's just business....

Open uri20140506 32747 vcqn2f article
International Business Times

Why China Wants To Buy Part Of Norway

China’s latest quest for energy has taken it all the way north to the Arctic....

Open uri20140625 12635 1qozkgi article
International Business Times

Spain Eliminated: World Cup Defending Champions And How They Did The Next Time (GRAPHIC)

Spain's early elimination from the World Cup is not the first time a defending champion has gone home early....

Open uri20140625 12635 14wblch article
International Business Times

Are Coups Good For The Thai Economy?

There have been 12 coups in Thailand since 1932. A look at Thailand’s GDP for the years surrounding each event shows a consistent upward trend....

Open uri20140625 12635 1kgcnpf article
International Business Times

Superstorms, Less-Stable Infrastructures And Other Strains On Global Powers: How Climate Change Affects National Security

Less-stable infrastructures and greater demand for resources could be a “catalyst for conflict," according to a military report....

Open uri20140625 12635 jqhekn article
International Business Times

Record Year For Gun Sales And Mass Shootings

How has the rise of mass shootings affected gun sales?...

Open uri20140625 12635 1ou9fhb article
International Business Times

Dual Nationals Fill The World Cup US National Team Roster

The US World Cup team has players from around the world. See where Team USA calls home....

Open uri20140625 12635 1vm76fd article
International Business Times

New York State Senate To Legalize Marijuana: A Map Of State Marijuana Laws

Marijuana is about to become legal in New York state....

Open uri20140625 12635 mf53be article
International Business Times

In Light Of GOP Primaries, A Look At Tea Party Upsets [Infographic]

Will the newbie Tea Party candidates take down the much larger, veteran pachyderms?...

Open uri20140625 12635 ctki4r article
International Business Times

Hillary Clinton, Ben Bernanke Among The Highest-Paid Former Politicians In Public Speaking

Many former public figures are raking in large public speaking fees, and Ben Bernanke and Hillary Clinton are the latest to cash in....

Open uri20140625 12635 1kakf9w article
International Business Times

Mother's Day: The Trials And Tribulations Of Being A Lesbian Stay-At-Home Mom

One stay-at-home mom had no idea how her sexual identity would factor in to her new life....